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instants | 2015-16

résidence de création pour la Ville de Mourenx

This series is the result of an artistic commission from the City of Mourenx. On the occasion of the establishment of the Mourenx contemporary art gallery in the Mi[X], a new cultural facility built by the Community of Communes. Blandine Galtier surveyed the site for a year, armed with his camera. The challenge of this work is to account for a succession of moments doomed to oblivion although decisive through three themes: the anchoring and the foundation of the building removed from the mud, its shoring by means of an ephemeral exoskeleton, the envelope that gives body to architecture. The choice of techniques and their rendering is done according to the themes addressed: the carborundum for the mud, sometimes not inked to give only the effect of the material by embossing it, etching and aquatint for the lines d shoring, chine-collé and aquatinte wiped for the building. Some matrices are cut out, the dialogue, the interaction between subject and paper takes place and allows the eye to wander more freely in the composition.