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Blandine Galtier opts for a degree in architecture although she has an attraction for the field of visual arts. She graduated in interior architecture at the ESAIL Lyon, which she obtained brilliantly in 1993. Trainee for the international agency Jourda and Perraudin, he entrusted the scenic editing exhibitions of their work. As a result of these experiences, she is hired and takes part in various competitions in response to public contracts. She resumed her architectural studies while pursuing her career in the agency and obtained a DEFA (Diploma of Fundamental Studies in Architecture) in 1997. In 1998 she moved to Paris where Ms. Jourda opens an agency. This will lead him to manage his own teams.
A year and a half later, Blandine leaves to live in the Netherlands while continuing to work as a freelance for the agency Jourda architects. He is entrusted with specific projects of interventions on facades such as that carried out for the Hospital Jean Mermoz (Lyon). This project combines creativity and usage constraints. She opted for a reflection on light, the shadows embodied in a very graphic proposal (between canopies and biological fibers), working on the notions of density and strata.

Her affection for the contrast is not foreign to this proposal and comes to him from his holidays spent in the Hérault where the bright light brings chiaroscuro to the landscape. Graphic design is becoming more and more important in his career. In 1999 she moved to his account. It finds in the creation of a website a number of similarities with architecture: use, ergonomics, aesthetics.
Back in Paris in 2004, she meets a carver who, in light of her career, says that this medium should please him. It is true that Blandine never dropped her sketchbook all these years and that the desire to create is stronger and stronger. Marked by this exchange, she matured the idea and enrolled in a training in engraving and typography at the Duperré School that she followed for 2 years.
Engraving proves to be a means of expression that corresponds perfectly to it. Blandine is naturally attracted by the contrast, the line, whether figurative, graphic or abstract. The multitude of techniques offered by this medium is both a safeguard and a source of research for this artist.

Her first confrontation with the public took place in 2009 as part of a collective exhibition with the Duperré workshop. But it is her participation in Art Chartrons (contemporary art course in Bordeaux) in 2011 that truly marks the launch of his career as an artist. When she moved to Bordeaux that year, she met a photographer-engraver who invited her to be a guest at this event. This is how Blandine Galtier spent three months producing an exhibition of 13 engravings she called I do not know Africa in reference to the theme.
In 2014 she began a job of two as part of an order from the City of Mourenx. It involves engraving the site of Mi [X] (cultural space with a gallery of contemporary art) and present the fruit of this capture in the new municipal gallery of Mi [X]. A major project that leads to the vast series “Instants”.
Blandine Galtier produces under the impulse of projects that are at the same time pretexts to reveal her vision of things, sources of technical research and challenges.

Virginie Baro


1970 | birth of Blandine Galtier in Rillieux-la-Pape in the suburbs of Lyon.
1989-97 | studies of interior architecture at the School of Interior Architecture of Lyon (ESAIL),
then architecture at the National School of Architecture of Lyon (ENSA Lyon).
1993-98 | architect project manager and graphic designer at the agency Jourda & Perraudin in Lyon and Jourda architects in Paris.
1998-2016 | liberal exercise of the profession of graphic designer under the label of bamg-workshop.
2004-07 | graphic designer and webdesigner at the OBRAS agency in Paris.
2008-09 | training in engraving at the Paris School of Applied Arts (Duperré School).
2014 | Exhibition at the Salon of the National Society of Fine Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris. Guest of the ADAGP Selection Committee, Gold Medal of the Jury Award and SNBA Jury Bronze Medal.
2016 | first solo exhibition of engraving as part of an artistic commission in situ.

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